In these islands the vegetables and fruit are a real treat for the palate. I didn’t know that the vegetables could have a personality so marked before I came here and didn’t know many fruits that have become true cornerstones of our daily diet. Already knew and loved the mango and papaya but I hadread more


We Westerners have a strange relationship with water. If we exclude some areas particularly ungrateful, in most cases we have plenty to the point of considering it a problem only at risk of flooding. Since childhood we were allowed to use the water, as well as personal hygiene, to play and have fun. I rememberread more


Some time ago I made a post with the same title and concerned our direct experience, explaining what we did and how we did it. Now I feel the need to return to the subject because more and more often receive requests for advice, suggestions, and (why not?) help, from people who plan to startread more


The people of these islands have always build by themself their homes. The more ‘minimal are simple huts without a floor and without glasses. The materials used are wood and bamboo. Normally have available within their properties’: they call “the man of the saw” and say how many and which trees break down (usually palmread more


As you can imagine, in a country such as the Philippines jagged, communications are a serious problem. Accustomed to the ease of access of Western cities to adapt to this reality is not so immediate. If we exclude the big cities like Manila, Cebu, etc., where, however, we rely on the 3G / 4G andread more

The island where I live

As I have already mentioned several times the Philippine islands are more than 7000 and are not all equal. The Philippines extend vertically over the Pacific for almost 2000 km and the differences in vegetation are evident. In addition, each island has its own characteristics that differentiate it from the other even if adjacent. Theread more


Since I moved here I had the opportunity to meet many foreigners. Who expatriate like me, who  in ” exploratory ” travel in order to realize if the country is right for him or not , and who , the greatest quantity, simply on vacation. To the latter category belong so many different types asread more


It is not even a year that we are here and we found ourselves facing the worst of our adventures which moreover might be the last . It all started on November 6, when a friend informed us of the formation of a powerful typhoon in the Pacific and that he could go on ourread more


This is a topic that interests many of you and before to dedicate a post  I felt obliged to try it to be able to speak without prejudice and as objectively as possible . First we have to say that here everything related to health care has to be paid , like in the more


When we decided to leave the country we have carefully avoided taking into account another European state , sure of the grim future that would meet the Old Continent. After only a few months we see materialize our predictions : in the Netherlands the king Willem-Alexander in a speech to Houses of Parliament says goodbye to theread more

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