As a tourist I did not ever go in monsoon areas during the rainy season. Yes, there I was, but I went to work and it is certainly not the same thing. Now that we are here as the residents are living entirely. Lasts several months, from June to November, and sometimes low pressures turnread more


Many of those who contact me asking me the same question, ” how much it costs to live there? “. Dear gentlemen, do you think it is a simple thing to give a satisfactory answer for each of you? The main problem is to identify what is important to you.  I want to say that the costread more


  In my opinion there are only two ways to come here to live : the most classic is to have an annuity,  the other is to keep working. Since it is practically impossible for a foreigner to find a job as an employee, because we are still quite young, we thought we’d put ourread more


I had already discussed this topic in a previous post and relates to the fact that the Filipino loves to celebrate. He has inside cheerfulness, pleasure of living, hedonism. It’s a beautiful thing and normally within the reach of everybody. And then, you say, why bother to talk about something that is nice but itread more


I want to talk now of the locals, its virtues and its flaws (a few). The Filipino people have suffered over the centuries major powers which have impacted heavily on it. The most important was certainly the Spanish domination that lasted for over 300 years and has left a huge to the point that manyread more


Manila deserves a dedicated post. Those of you who have already had occasion to visit and maybe have not been able to visit the islands, will be puzzled by reading my previous post finding no correspondence with what I said. But Manila, in my opinion, are not the Philippines. It ‘a megalopolis with all theread more


Considering how many today are jobless or have it but precarious and without any certainty about the future and are rightly tempted to take the plunge, I want to clarify that the Philippines, although growing, are not a rich country. Here people live mainly on agriculture, fishing and small chores. You cannot find work asread more


One of the things that I had to make it a habit, among many, is the noise. Each of us is accustomed to certain background noises that accompany the passing of the day. For example I who lived and worked in the city, I did not even notice the type of sounds that were aread more


There are countless places in the world where it is worth spending a holiday. Beautiful places, veritable paradises on earth. But if you must choose a place to move permanently, things change. Sure, beauty has its importance, but there are many aspects to consider. For example, there are places which, although wonderful, require protection ofread more


In front of a person who declares his intention to drop everything and leave the country the reaction of friends is very often intended to dissuade him from making that step. If they are mere acquaintances are limited to smile in disbelief and it is understood that they judge you crazy. If they are trueread more

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