The people of these islands have always build by themself their homes. The more ‘minimal are simple huts without a floor and without glasses. The materials used are wood and bamboo. Normally have available within their properties’: they call “the man of the saw” and say how many and which trees break down (usually palm trees or mahogany) and how many bamboo. Once felled starts cutting axes: anyone who sees it for the first time remains fascinated by the extraordinary ability’ with which the agreed measures are obtained by working freehand with a heavy chainsaw. The roofs are made with a wooden frame and a cover of nipa (palm leaves tied with patience in a certain order). All materials used are therefore envir eco- friendly: beautiful, but when I hear the noise of the saw in action I always think that they are killing a piece of this island and I am very sad. In recent times it isn’t rare to see a house under construction with columns and walls in concrete. Probably got tired of rebuilding the house every time a typhoon strikes. I understand them very well but it certainly does not have the warmth and charm of wood and bamboo.

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