europaWhen we decided to leave the country we have carefully avoided taking into account another European state , sure of the grim future that would meet the Old Continent. After only a few months we see materialize our predictions : in the Netherlands the king Willem-Alexander in a speech to Houses of Parliament says goodbye to the traditional welfare . To take the place of the ‘ welfare state ‘ will be a ‘ holding company ‘ , in which private citizens will have to invest to create networks of social assistance, with little help from the government ( practically zero ) . The austerity policy of the Dutch government over the past decade has led to the dismantling of unemployment benefits and health care subsidies ; Portugal has sold ” Energias de Portugal ” ( state electricity company ) to a Chinese company ; in Greece as in a colossal showcase balances (available on the website of the Greek privatization, Taiped ) , the government proposes to the highest bidder investee companies by the state , such as power companies, water and natural gas , ports, airports , railways and highways; in Iceland the new government has broken off negotiations with the European Union , citizens will decide if they want the euro. It would seem not; in Italy the visit of the ” European Commissioner for Economic Affairs ,” the Finnish Rehn was humiliating for our government who, like so many schoolboys , received the homeworks  for the next few months (among other really demanding and ungrateful ) without any possibility of replication and will be more blood and tears for everyone. I personally think that the welfare state cannot long persist in our country and I believe that to reduce the public debt the government will be obliged to follow the path of Greece and Portugal hoping to find foreign investors willing to us. In conclusion then is reinforced in me the knowledge that the future is not in Europe or in West , the country that hosted us is part of the New World where you can still have children , knowing that they will look forward with the smile of ‘ optimism.

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