Is it possible to use the credit card for payments?

In big cities like Manila or Cebu, is possible tu use it. In small islands like ours, to use cash is necessary (always preferred solution) getting in airport in Manila or from the money changers in the big cities.


Are there health facilities in Tablas?

There are doctors, farmacies, dentists, private clinics and a public hospital. Health services are on payment. For more complex requirements, please note that the private health centers in Manila are the best equipped and of course more expensive.


Are vaccinations necessary?

There are no compulsory vaccinations. Your doctor and the competent department of your local public health unit can provide you a plan for possible vaccinations.


What is the situation of phone coverage and internet signal on the island?

In both cases, there is a “patchy” coverage. It’s possible to get the 3G and 4G signal adhering to plans tailored for your exigences. The major telephone companies are Smart and Globe

On the overall situation visit the post “INTERNET IN THE ISLANDS


Which kind of visa is neccessary to stay in Philippines?

NOTE: All information should be checked with the competent office at the airport.

Upon arriving in the airport you get a 30-day tourist visa that can be extended up to two months making the request.

For updated information on all legislation visas please consult the website of the Philippine government






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