ospedaleThis is a topic that interests many of you and before to dedicate a post  I felt obliged to try it to be able to speak without prejudice and as objectively as possible . First we have to say that here everything related to health care has to be paid , like in the U.S. , and then either you pay or you can’t  cure you but we’ll see what are the costs and we can compare them with our health care system. Necessary to distinguish the potential of the system depending on whether you are, in a small island or in a major city. The differences are in the lack of adequate facilities or not . I live in an island that has in the major towns  some interesting structures both private and public . It ‘clear that they are able to give only a few facilities, but are a well-trained medical personnel . All main drugs are usually available in different pharmacies and in case of special requests can be found in a few days . The most comprehensive facilities can be found in big cities , and believe me , they have nothing to envy to what we are used to in the West. They are equipped with the most modern equipment , are very clean and a possible shelter is in single rooms with television, telephone and private bathroom. My suggestion for those wanting to move to the Philippines is to come here , find out about the different local insurance , compare the prices and choose one that covers hospitalization and surgery. As for regular visits to specialists bring you the example of my wife in the best hospital in Manila has required a gynecological examination : not only has been able to have suffered but the cost , € 20 , is lower than our “ticket”. So you know that the Philippines is perfectly up to the countries ‘most advanced’ for facilities and medical personnel and for those who consider relocating this will certainly not be a problem.

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