As you can imagine, in a country such as the Philippines jagged, communications are a serious problem. Accustomed to the ease of access of Western cities to adapt to this reality is not so immediate. If we exclude the big cities like Manila, Cebu, etc., where, however, we rely on the 3G / 4G and where there is no connection with optical fiber, the rest of the islands can have internet only where the telephone signal is sufficient. It happens so that we can “work” only patchy as 50m away make the difference between signal-ok and no signal. For those who, like me, are permanent residents have the option of placing a satellite dish. With this you can opt for a subscription with signal shared or dedicated. The costs are in any case very high and hardly locals can afford. Only the purchase and installation of the dish has a cost equal to a beautiful motorcycle (which here is the main means of transport) and having to choose …… So the hope of all is that the two Telcos go to improve the distribution of the signal in a short time to give way to all, locals and tourists, with little expense, to join the network.

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