Some time ago I made a post with the same title and concerned our direct experience, explaining what we did and how we did it. Now I feel the need to return to the subject because more and more often receive requests for advice, suggestions, and (why not?) help, from people who plan to start a business here. Each of these places me specific questions that require knowledge beyond my. Many trust me to have a certain amount and ask if this is enough to take a certain type of business. Unfortunately, money is indispensable everywhere. It ‘s true, here you need less than elsewhere, but still serves, and must also have a safe reserve from which to draw in the start-up phase and possibly in times of crisis. Also, decide which activities to start is probably the hardest thing to do: on this it depends the success or not of the investment. I do not presume to be able to teach something to these people but a tip I would give it: wherever in the world you choose to invest don’t do anything without having acquired direct knowledge of the place, the costumes, the bureaucracy and the tax system. All this is only possible by going in person on the spot and staying there for all the necessary time, and this is also part of the cost-investment.

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