Prices and services

Our prices
 Permanence 1 month 33000 php/month (light and gas included);
 Permanence over 1 month 29000 php/month + light and gas;
 Permanence of 1 year 26000 php/month + light and gas.

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A whole house cleaning and a complete bedsheets change is scheduled every week.
Please note that any additional service, see below, is not included in the standard fare.

Our paid services
 daily market food and provisions shopping in Looc with resident people support;
 meal preparation and cooking at your home: aside from market shopping you can have someone preparing your meals and cleaning the kitchen for you;
 laundry service.

Transports: you can reach nearby destinations, weather permitting, by boat at varying fares to go fishing, snorkeling and diving.
For those like adventure and motocross, is possible moving from Agojo renting motorcycle and scooter.

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