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Many of those who contact me asking me the same question, ” how much it costs to live there? “. Dear gentlemen, do you think it is a simple thing to give a satisfactory answer for each of you? The main problem is to identify what is important to you.  I want to say that the cost of living is the most subjective exists.  What is fundamental for me it is not for another and vice versa. I just  want to try to provide some data that you may all easily compare and then make you an idea.

Today (02/09/2014) the official exchange rate is as follows:

USD  =  45,05php  CAD =  40,82php  AUD  =  40,36php  CNY  =  7,43php  EUR  =   61,42php  JPY  =  0,44php  NOK  =  7,29php  GBP  =  73,93php  RUB   =  1,29php  SEK  =   6,94php  TWD   =  1,48php  KRW  =   0,042php  CHF =  50,17php

Let’s start with some basics:

  • electricity is one of the most expensive things on the islands : 1Kw is 13.5 php;
  • cooking gas  you buy in 11kg tank ( net weight ) has a cost of 950php (for your reference I tell you that we are in 3 and eat everyday at home and  1 tank is enough for  40 days);
  • the cost of the house is very variable, both in buying or rent, because it depends on a lot of conditions. I’ll just say that you can find a home for  all budgets knowing how to adapt;
  • a liter of gasoline 63php and diesel  51php;
  • the cost of a car is an average of 25/30% lower than the European;
  • the cost of a motorbike of 125cc is approximately  50.000php.

Moving on to the food:

tuna fish  1kg is 100php, 1 kg of chicken (farmyard) 150php, 1 kg of pork 160php, 1 kg of rice

40php, 5php 2 bananas, 1 egg 5php, 1 kg of potatoes 50php, 75php a liter of milk.

Some flaws:

a pack of Marlboros 55php, a beer 33ml 40php.

This short list has just to give an idea, though incomplete and superficial.  These are the costs of TODAY  in the island where I live. Consider that if you are thinking  relocating in a year the things at that date could be very different: this is a fast growing country and contrary Europe inflation exists and could bring some surprises!

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