As a tourist I did not ever go in monsoon areas during the rainy season. Yes, there I was, but I went to work and it is certainly not the same thing. Now that we are here as the residents are living entirely. Lasts several months, from June to November, and sometimes low pressures turn into typhoons creating real disasters to population and crops. There are islands more susceptible to these phenomena and some less and therefore the choice of the island (which are more than 7000) is not secondary. Luckily we chose well and we are happy. The variability during the day is impressive: from full sun in a few minutes you can have the sky completely covered raining maybe half an hour and then the sun comes back. The unpredictability of these trends makes the choice to leave the house a real bingo. There are also days of continuous rain from dawn to dusk during while, due to the constant temperature between 25 and 30 degrees, it is pleasant to sit on the veranda with a good book and a drink. From these rains depends on the success of the rice crop, which is the main product of the islands and the staple food of all Asians. Of course a tourist “classic” would this climate annoying or downright depressing but those who have a spirit of adaptation and have a bit of “philosopher” inside they find it fascinating and worthy of being lived, even if only for a short period.

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