Since I moved here I had the opportunity to meet many foreigners. Who expatriate like me, who  in ” exploratory ” travel in order to realize if the country is right for him or not , and who , the greatest quantity, simply on vacation. To the latter category belong so many different types as groups , couples, singles, young and old , from all parts of the world. Among those who impressed me the most are my fellow countrymen old, retired people.  They have all the time  to choose a warm and exotic place to spend the cold winter months . Often, the disposable income is not high so they need to carefully consider besides the cost of the trip even that of keeping on-site, in the Philippine Islands is actually quite content. So , once established that it is feasible , and are booked . Some that for the first time must be in this type of countries are surprised of things that should be known , such as the movement of the tides that having variations of more than 2 meters in a few hours , during low tide discovery leave a large portion of the seabed that some have called ” disgusting slosh “. But back to the fact that the cost of living here is quite low , this should be allowed to think that the lodging industry is still at the beginning and then with obvious shortcomings. I heard with my own ears people complain about the lack of umbrellas and lifeguards ! Other complain about the unavailability of nutmeg ! Dear sirs, of the 7100 islands of this Country very few are seriously equipped for tourism but are also the most expensive places with prices typically Western . If you are not willing to face lack of electricity even for a few hours , lack of water during the dry season and so on , do not stay in the Philippines , or at least not in the lesser known islands or you may be disappointed and ruin your vacation. The benefits and the pleasure of being here does not consist in comforts but in the landscape, the beauty of the sea, in the contact with nature, in the kindness and cheerfulness of Filipinos. On this I guarantee !


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