We Westerners have a strange relationship with water. If we exclude some areas particularly ungrateful, in most cases we have plenty to the point of considering it a problem only at risk of flooding. Since childhood we were allowed to use the water, as well as personal hygiene, to play and have fun. I remember for example that I filled the tub to play with the boats of wood or paper. Growing up then who among us wasn’t enjoying the pleasure of an invigorating shower at the right temperature remaining far more than necessary under the jet ? Well, in these islands if there is a blackout of 24 hours no one cares (which we would get crazy ..): the only concern is the water. In families, that here are very numerous, are the children of 8-10 years who are in charge of a daily basis to the water supply: there aren’t aqueducts that bring it home, but you have to go and pick on various containers every day. Sometimes the first well is available a few kilometers away! The lucky ones have found water in their soil and during the dry season they use it carefully. We have had to learn how best to use our reserves: we have a well that the first year we dried quickly. Later, having figured out how not to waste water stupidly, went much better. In our home Country we used to see a rainy day as something sad and wistful. Here, when it rains, everyone  becomes more serene and so do we.

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